September 2018; 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Mandalay Bay Events Center

About the Event

Every year, the IEHA Las Vegas Chapter plans, organizes, and presents the Housekeeping Olympics. For more than 20 years, the Housekeeping Olympics has attracted excitement, enthusiasm, and healthy competition in our industry. A lot of participation and support from a variety of people and organizations makes this event a success.


Approximately 50 volunteers help run the event. Volunteer duties include: judging, scorekeeping, timekeeping, liaisons, and floor set up. Volunteers are required to attend a volunteer meeting scheduled prior to the Olympics and also must arrive one hour prior to the start of the Olympics.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the sign up form and the liability waiver.

Team Captains

The Olympics depend on team participation for the competitions, and each team needs a captain. The team captain attends the mandatory captain meeting prior to the Olympics and is responsible for completing and submitting team sign up forms and liability waivers for each team member. They also distribute wristbands to their team members.

Team captains need to fill out the team sign up form and ensure a liability waiver is completed for each team member. Please download a copy of the Olympics rules. Disclaimer: The rules are subject to change.

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A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available. Please click here to learn more about sponsorship.

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For more information, please contact a IEHA Las Vegas Chapter board member.

Event Parking

As everyone is probably aware, earlier this year MGM Resorts announced that they would begin charging for parking at MGM properties in Las Vegas. There have been questions on how this would affect those participating in the Olympic Competitions as well as those coming to cheer on their favorite team.

Housekeeping Competitions

Bed Making Competition

(2 minute time limit, non-management employees)

Participant makes the best looking bed in the least amount of time following all rules and guidelines.

Toilet Paper Toss

(30 second time limit, non-management employees)

From a distance of 20', the contestant tosses 10 rolls of toilet paper, one at a time, into a lidded 33-gallon trash can. Contestant is limited to 10 tosses.

Vacuum Race

(1.5 minute time limit, non-management employees)

To vacuum the 4' x 6' area free of confetti and then return to the start line with the vacuum turned off and cord wrapped around cord hooks within 1.5 minutes.

Buffer Pad Toss

(30 second time limit, non-management employees)

From a distance of 20', a blindfolded person is to toss all 5 buffer pads (1 pad at a time) to a partner holding a toilet plunger. The partner must catch the buffer pads while staying in the 4' x 6' marked rectangular space.

Executive Challenge

(salaried supervisor or above)

Surprise challenge and tie breaker if needed

Spirit Competition

(1.5 minute time limit, non-management employees)

No more than six cheerleaders and one mascot per team. Judged for uniformity (choreography), appearance/costumes/consistency, interaction/enthusiasm, and creativity of performance.


Housekeeping Competition Overall Award

Cheerleader Competition (Spirit) Award

Each competition also is awarded a first, second, and third place award.

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